Aux Trois Pommes is a great place for your child to learn a second, third, or fourth language. Raymond, the owner, is very helpful and organized and always smiling and available. There are many materials which help your child to learn while having fun and the location is hard to beat. You can go to the farmer’s market while your child is learning. We loved our Arabic classes there. Thank you Aux Trois Pommes!

Kenza Temsamani
When asked to describe their Japanese class at Aux Trois Pommes, my daughter’s responses were “fun, fabulous and informative.” They love attending their class. In fact, it’s the favorite part of their week. Their teacher, Erica, and owner, Raymond are very accommodating and flexible. It’s a pleasure to do business with them. It’s wonderful that such a diverse community as Santa Cruz has a language school that offers such a wide variety of languages. We love Aux Trois Pommes!

Lynn Reno
We made several attempts over a period of about 3 years to find a qualified, reliable, and fun Mandarin instructor for our two children. After some disasters and many disappointments we were simultaneously excited and skeptical when Aux Trois Pommes opened in Santa Cruz. Almost a year later, we are pleased to see that our kids are enjoying the classes and making progress in a difficult language. The Teacher keeps them engaged and the Director is very accommodating. We can be tough critics because of our backgrounds, but we have been happy with the program.

Eric Gross Principal and Carmen Zuniga, Teacher
My son and I have been students at your school for quite some time now. I would just like to let you know how much we enjoy our lessons there. My goal for us was to someday speak portuguese to each other. My son and I have learned so much. Your method of teaching is perfect for us. Thank You!

I took my eldest daughter to the post office in Kings Beach, CA, a predominantly Hispanic town on the shores of lake Tahoe. I waited in the car, but she came out and signaled for me to come into the post office. Inside with her were two Hispanic women who spoke no English. My daughter points to me and says, “My mother speaks Spanish.” I looked at her in surprise and said, “What!” However, since I was there and they looked scared and lost, I forged ahead and decided to put my Spanish to good use. I asked them what they wanted. They said they wanted to rent a post office box and wanted to know the cost. I understood that part so continued on. I told them how much a box was and asked for how long they needed it. I told them they needed proof of residency and about the deposit, which I pulled out of the air but Gaby (our Spanish teacher) said I had it right! My daughter handed them an application which was in English, of course, but they weren’t concerned about that. They left the post office with smiles and I looked at my daughter with a frown. She laughed and said, “You did great, Mom. You needed to practice!”.

Mary Lou Joaquith, Spanish student

My 10 and 12-year-old daughters have studied Italian at Aux Trois Pommes for the past 4 years.  I have a Masters in TESOL, the Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages, and I taught for 12 years.  When it comes to language learning, there are many methodologies in use.  Aux Trois Pommes uses a content-based approach supported by experts in second language acquisition.  Learning occurs naturally while engaging in meaningful activities such as games and art projects.

I want to particularly applaud my girls’ Venetian instructor, Cristina Polesel.  She involves the kids in a series of remarkably creative activities, and two hours simply fly by.  Initially, the goal is to build lexicon; then, grammar, reading and writing are gradually introduced.

This summer my 12-year-old will be travelling to Italy on her own to visit some cousins. She was 3 the last time she visited. She knows communication will be a struggle, but she is up for the challenge. Cristina and Aux Trois Pommes have instilled in her the confidence she needs to succeed.

Dan Aspromonte, Parent
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