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Group Class

Our classes are based on giving you practical working knowledge of the language. Not only will you cover subjects that interest you, but you might have a class at the local bakery where you would order coffee and pastries in the language or spend half the class at the farmers market doing your shopping in the language. You might go watch a movie and discuss in the next class.

By making the classes fun, you will retain the language more.

In addition to the personal attention you get from our small class size (2-5) each adult session will be customized to the students in it. Are you traveling to the country for a vacation, do you have business contacts there or do you simply love the language and want to learn it for pleasure.

Students also develop bonds with each other and end up getting together outside of class and practice on their own.

  • Adult classes are 1.5 hrs each, and students sign up for a block of 8 classes at a time.
  • Classes are scheduled at a time that is convenient for the students and we open classes when 2 students who agree on a schedule and are close enough in level.
  • You will typically be asked to speak with one of our instructors in order to assess your fluency and determine which class will be appropriate for you.

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Here is a sample constructing of the traveling course

Travel course

Duration: 1.5 hour/class

Session: 8 classes

Class size: Max 5 students

Inclusions: The package includes a lesson plan for every class and materials (note book, handout documents, etc) for practice outside of class.

Methods/topics: We will cover the traveling basics during the course: - Learn to ask for directions – What to see – What to expect in a restaurant or cafe – Learn to take the subway, hail a cab – The foods of the area you are visiting – A bit of the history of the region – Some emergency help sentences

Fees: The cost for an adult session is $320 plus a one time registration fee of $25.

*Special programs for a group of students who are traveling together or alone are also available.

Coming up: Cooking classes in French, Italian and Spanish.

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Private class

For those who would like a program that offers more personalized attention, we offer one on one language instruction. For this program, our instructors will focus solely on what you need, whether it is business, travel, fun, or learning.

Private classes offer more flexibility for moving at the speed you desire, and can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you.

Private classes are also great for high school students looking for tutoring help or preparing for the AP test.

Students sign up for 4 private classes at a time (1 hr each) and the cost is $50/hr for adults.

*There is also a one time registration fee

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Corporate Programs

Aux Trois Pommes, CA is pleased to introduce its Corporate Program. We will bring our proven method on- site to your employees. We offer a flexible schedule, competitive pricing and will customize our curriculum to suit your field of work.

Our teachers will meet with you prior to the start of classes and based on your goals for your employees will create the appropriate material. Click here to request more information about our programs.

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