Lea Ritter

Hallo, I am Lea, German and Italian teacher; I grew up in between two cultures: as a daughter of German parents in a numerous family in the middle of the lively Italian world. People often ask me, where I belong to or where my home is… It is in my heart and in the richness of both cultures (of course I combine the best of each one). After going to school in Italy I studied Social Studies in Germany. A little time ago I moved to Santa Cruz, following my love and working in a school as a Special Education Teacher.

Since some years I have discovered the wonderful possibility to support people interested in languages. It is always exciting to me to observe how each one of us develops his own way to achieve a language and how, almost always, the student has a glib of excitement and joy when he moves on his path of learning and discovering a whole new way of expression and thinking.

I am fluent in four languages and know how hard, but also how worthy and rewarding it is to learn a new language. I can show students different ways to achieve and practice with fun and excitement, without losing curiosity. I wait for you in the little but amazing school “Aux Trois Pommes”!!



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