Ines Couceiro

My name is Ines Couceiro-Moreira, I am originally from Cuba which is the largest of the Antilles. The Island is situated 90 miles to the south of Key West.  As in other Caribbean countries, in Cuba anyone can enjoy the beautiful beaches, tasty ethnic food, a nice climate, and some rhythmic music while communicating in Spanish.

My academic background is in Liberal Arts (Humanities) and I graduated from the University of Havana, also attended Monterey Institute of  International Studies (MIIS),  University of Miami (UM) and Florida International Studies (FIU).  My vocation made me initiate a career in Foreign Language Teaching: Spanish and English (ESL).

In our full immersion classes we use a conversational approach, also analyze and drill the grammatical content. We make a point of  including the cultural element by explaining things that are different, and other traditions or celebrations.  The students enjoy singing the  new songs, and the movies we watch and comment.

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