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In immersion foreign language learning, adults attain, retain native speaker brain pattern

A first-of-its kind series of brain studies shows how an adult learning a foreign language can come to use the same brain mechanisms as a native speaker.

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Learning A Foreign Language: Get A Cultural Immersion

There are some studies conducted showing that children, from birth until they reach seven, are in the stage that they could acquire language easier. The ability of an individual to acquire languages will slowly decrease as they surpass puberty.

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Personal Benefits of Foreign Language Study. ERIC Digest.

Not long ago learning a foreign language was considered to be merely a part of a liberal education or an intellectual exercise through the study of grammar and literature. It was automatically assumed that anyone studying foreign language as a major field was going to be either a teacher, an interpreter, or a translator and had no other career options. There is still a need for people in those professions. There is also a growing need for individuals who possess advanced skills in foreign languages and are trained in various technical areas.

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Foreign-language experience in infancy: Effects of short-term exposure and social interaction on phonetic learning

Recent data show that during the same 6- to 12-mo period, there is a significant increase in native-language speech perception performance, indicating that phonetic development involves growth rather than the simple maintenance of phonetic abilities (19).

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Research in Support of Elementary School Foreign Language Learning

Presents a study that provides quantitative and qualitative evidence of the effect of foreign language education upon the basic skills of elementary students, with the hope that such evidence will provide information and assistance to parents and educators who are investigating the benefits of elementary school foreign language programs.

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